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Tournament Rules

  • Team pictures will take place before each team plays their first game Friday night - on the ice. David Heiser, (professional photographer), will get team photos.

  • The HFL jerseys must be worn by all players during the game – no exceptions. Indicate on the jersey sign out sheet what number jersey you have. The jerseys will already be in your locker room when you arrive. Please place the jerseys in the trash bags provided after your last game on Sunday.

  • Game time: (3) 17 minute periods, 5 minute warm up on Friday and rest of the games will be 3 minute warm ups, 2 minutes between periods

  • Teams are allowed 1 timeout per game (1 minute)

  • Icing - will be called from the blue line

  • Two-line passes are OK

  • Offsides - delayed offsides

  • NO checking - this tournament will be called as most typical beer league play is

  • NO fighting, intent to injure, instigating etc.! (These will be grounds for tournament dismissal. Also, more importantly, Tyler Strong will show you that this was a dumb decision on your part.)

  • The team captains will manage all on-ice team interactions with the referees

  • All other typical penalties will be called - tripping, hooking, offsides, etc.

  • Qualifying games can end in a tie. On Sunday - In case of a tie, (for any game), there will be a 4 minute overtime – 4 on 4. If that does not resolve the tie, then it goes to a shootout – 3/3, then 1/1

  • Any Championship teams must be wearing Hockey for Life jerseys to be in the team champion pictures. No exceptions. If you are wearing a jersey from outside the tournament or one that has not been approved by HFL members, you will not be allowed to be in the Championship picture.

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